FAQ About Making Your Rock and Rye

What Kind of Whiskey Should I Use? – Traditionally rock and rye was to improve very cheap young rye whiskeys and make them more palatable, so in that vein just find something cheap.  That being said, the version that inspired me to start this company was made with Redemption rye.  Most of my test batches were with Canadian Club (not even a rye!).  I’ve tried it with bourbon and it ends up a bit sweet so if you go that route remove ¼ of the sugar. Or leave it in, there’s really no rules.  

What If I Don't Like Whiskey? - I just sampled a batch made with vodka and it was quite good.  We even threw in some dried cranberries that gave it a nice pink color.  A friend asked if they could use Rum and that would probably turn out pretty delicious too.

Should I Taste It? – Please taste your rock and rye regularly (daily) as it infuses.  The whiskey flavours will slowly be overtaken by the spices and only you know when its done to your liking.  For me its 3-4 days.  Also feel free to remove spices as you go along.  If it gets to cinnamony, take the cinnamon stick out, too liquoricey remove the star anise.  These are also natural products which means they will have varying levels of potency, every batch will turn out slightly different and can be adjusted as you see fit.

What Do I Do When It's Done? – When the infusion has reached a point you think is just right you can remove the citrus and spices and put your finished rock and rye back into the bottle or a decanter.  The finer the strainer you use, the less sediment (harmless) will remain.  I usually just use a normal kitchen strainer, but cheesecloth or a coffee filter will remove almost everything. 

How Do I Serve It? – Enjoy your rock and rye as you would your whiskey, neat, on the rocks, with a splash of water, warm, whatever.  If you are using ice, the bigger the ice cube, the slower it will melt and dilute your drink.