The Tipple's Story

In 2011 I fell in love.  Hard.  With a cocktail.  It was Christmas in a glass, it was fresh from the oven baking.  All with the bracing warmth and nuanced flavours of whiskey. It was a Rock and Rye.  After ordering another I teased enough information out of the bartender to begin attempting to perfect the recipe for this magical concoction at home. Then solve how it could be packaged for the world. It was a journey that would take more time and effort than I ever imagined.  And once I perfected it, I couldn't stop. Next was Mulled Wine, then Gin, then a Spiced Rum....and the journey Tripp's Tipples. 


Rock and Rye

Our first and signature infusion, Christmas in a glass.

Mulled Wine.jpg

Mulled Wine

The perfect infusion for chilly evenings and holiday cheer.


Test Kitchen

Other ideas we are currently working on.